Are New Brighton Apartments family friendly?

April 25, 2012 | 0 Comments

Could New Brighton apartments be the key to a bright new future for you and your family? Find out with this quick overview covering the best of New Brighton.

Located less than 30 miles from Pittsburgh, New Brighton is well known as a small town with big appeal. Violent crimes are rare, healthcare is easily accessible thanks to three nearby hospitals and continuing education couldn’t be more simple with more than a half dozen institutes of higher learning located within 30 miles.

Despite all the available amenities, New Brighton remains firmly rooted in family with a decidedly small town flavor. The local high school averages 500 to 600 students with plenty of activities to keep even the most active teen busy. Travel time to work rates among the lowest in the nation with the vast majority of New Brighton residents enjoying a 30 minutes commute or less. In fact, a sizable portion travel less than 15 minutes to and from work each day!

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