Are there any apartments near NCSU that aren’t mainly populated by students?

April 25, 2012 | 0 Comments

Not everyone looking for off-campus housing is a student—nor are they required to be. There are people who enjoy living near a campus environment, even if they’re not actively participating in the pursuit of a higher education. There’s something about the hustle and bustle of college life that rubs off in a positive way on people. It has a tendency to inspire, to motivate, and to instill with youthful enthusiasm. But where should you rent if you’d like to live nearby NCSU, but not necessarily share living space with the students?

Apartments Raleigh, North Carolina, in particular those within the university’s direct orbit, are more often than not populated entirely by students. But moving east of the university and towards downtown, you’ll begin to find less student tenants and more young 20-to 30something professionals. Perhaps even some of them like yourself, thriving off the buzz of living in a university town.

Another tip: you won’t find a lot of college students renting condos or town homes. These types of dwellings lend themselves to far more extended residences than most 4-year students will likely want to commit to, therefore the odds that you’ll end up sharing a wall with a bunch of exiled frat house party animals decreases exponentially.

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