Are there any fun areas within 50 miles of Cincinnati to rent?

April 25, 2012 | 0 Comments

According to residents of Carlisle, Ohio, the aliens have landed—and they’re building homes. The best part about the story is that you don’t have to be a UFO enthusiast (or even a died-in-the-wool true believer) to be able to appreciate one of Carlisle’s most interesting roadside attractions: the Futuro double flying saucer house, which has put the small city of 5,000-plus on the map for years.

But if you think that’s the only slice of creative strangeness in southern Ohio, you’ve got another thing coming. Not six miles away in neighboring Franklin, you can find the Poland China Hog Monument—an enormous commemoration of the 1850 birth of the Poland-China, an American breed of hog. And if you travel nine miles to Monroe, you’ll encounter quite possibly the strangest religious statue ever erected, the 62-foot tall “King of Kings” statue that is depicts Jesus Christ buried waist-deep in the earth with arms upraised (the locals have nicknamed it “Touchdown Jesus”).

What’s this got to do with apartments in the greater Cincinnati Metro region? Lots. Because if the residents of these three small cities are as fun and quirky as their roadside attractions seem to indicate, maybe you should be looking for apartments in South Dayton (only 50 miles outside of Cincinnati).

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