Are there any suburban areas outside of Cincinnati that are comparable in rental price?

New residents to the greater Cincinnati metropolitan area may find interest in Mason, one of the fastest growing cities in the southwestern end of Ohio. Just 18 miles from the big city, Mason is a bedroom community with a population just under 30,000. With an average home value hovering around $215,000, property values are expected to grow in proportion with the rise in population, and with the influx of former Cincinnati residents seeking quieter life outside city limits.

But where there’s growth, there’s also opportunity for employment. Although the majority of higher paying jobs can still be found in Cincinnati, the presence of the Proctor & Gamble business center and Seapine Software’s headquarters are an added boon to the health of Mason’s local economy.

Family recreational outlets in Mason abound, with the presence of two water parks, Great Wolf Lodge and The Beach, and the Kings Island amusement park, which boasts over 80 thrill rides for fun-seekers of all ages.

A quick online search shows a comparable cost of living in Mason as compared with apartments rent Cincinnati—and with the benefits of suburban life mixed with the ease of access to the city, it’s really no wonder that the population of Mason continues to grow.

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