Can I find a nice apartment in Northeast Cincinnati that will accept me with a bad credit or eviction history?

April 25, 2012 | 0 Comments

Renters in Cincinnati with poor credit or previous evictions may find themselves facing an uphill battle when looking for a new apartment. However, not everyone with a checkered rental history is guaranteed to face outright rejection. Having a lease co-signer, renting from a private owner, or offering to put down double the security deposit can greatly improve your chances of approval.

Having a checkered rental history also doesn’t mean that you have to settle for a low-income apartment, especially if you have the means to make payment and have dedicated yourself to a fresh start. It is an inherent truth that we tend to take things of higher value more seriously. Maybe getting yourself into a nice, comfortable apartment will be what makes all the difference.

Suggestion: aim high. Look for apartments in Northeast Cincinnati, specifically areas like Goshen, Loveland, and Reading. Rent here is almost guaranteed to be higher than the city average, but the decreased population density lends to far more pleasant living. When you’ve found something you can afford, make an appointment to meet with the property owner and discuss your options. If there were extenuating circumstances to your eviction, explain. Offer to put down double the amount for a security deposit. There are many people in this world who will be willing to give you a chance, but if you put your money where your mouth is, your odds will increase.

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