How can I find the cheapest apartments in Cincinnati?

When cheap is chief and cutting corners means the difference between three square meals a day and going hungry, you’d be surprised at what you can find when looking for some of the lowest priced apartments Cincinnati.

If you’re willing to forgo some amenities in favor of the lowest price around, you can make a lot of headway by running an online search and filtering by price, without regard to add-ons like cable TV, central air, and appliances. Additionally, if you don’t drive a car and don’t need a parking space, you can cut additional cost by asking the apartment management to shave off the cost of a parking space (if it’s already included in the monthly rent) or by not having to pony up any additional fees to reserve a spot.

Depending on your needs, you can also save a substantial amount by opting for a studio apartment. There are studio apartments in Cincinnati for as little as $345 a month at Hunter Ridge apartments, and one-bedroom apartments starting at $430 a month at Compton Groves. But these aren’t the exceptions to the rule—a search for apartments under $500 a month in Cincinnati found over 350 individual results.

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