What amenities should I consider when moving to Cincinnati?

The summers in Cincinnati are hot and humid, and if you’re considering a move to the region and aren’t familiar with the local climate it might behoove you to determine a few amenities necessary to a comfortable existence.

One of the primary necessities to renting Cincinnati apartments is that any rental properties that don’t come equipped with central air are stricken from your list—especially if you have an aversion to a hot and humid environment. You’re not exactly taking up residence in a South American jungle—surely there are places you can live that experience far higher temperatures, as anyone who’s ever spent an August in Phoenix can attest—but if you’re not used to humidity, you may need a bit of help adjusting.

When you perform your apartment search, use a website that’s equipped with the functionality to include not only price, size, and location but additional amenities as well. This will help you create a list of suitable apartments. And never sign on the dotted line unless you’ve been given the opportunity to perform a walk-through of the premises and test the air conditioning unit for yourself. In the end, it serves you well to be picky. You’ll thank yourself once summer arrives.

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