What area of Cincinnati is best for historic architecture?

Cincinnati, Ohio’s third largest city, is rich in history, and has many claims to fame. Baseball fans love it for being home to the Cincinnati Reds; and ardent football fans find reason to exist in the Cincinnati Bengals. But set within its historic Over-the-Rhine district is an attraction of equal, and some might say far greater value. The School for Creative and Performing Arts (SCPA), holds distinction as the first K-12 art school in the United States and was the setting for the MTV reality TV series “Taking the Stage."

But you don’t have to be a fan of MTV to appreciate the OTR district (as its known among locals). If you love a good mix of history and architecture, OTR is thought to be the biggest, intact, urban, historic district in the nation. Its immense collection of Italianate architecture lends itself to having one of the best art scenes in the state.

If you’re a prospective renter and are interested in situating yourself in close proximity to Over-the-Rhine, search for apartments in North Central Cincinnati that fit your criteria. One area to consider within OTR proper is Vine Street, which is presently in the midst of urban redevelopment.

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