Does the Ann Arbor area have a good rental market?

April 25, 2012 | 0 Comments

Ann Arbor apartments are in demand due to the fact that the University of Michigan is located in town. People who live outside the state are often unaware that it isn’t the only college town in Washtenaw County. Eastern Michigan University is also in the area—just a short distance away in the city of Ypsilanti. These neighboring towns do a lot to enhance the vibrant atmosphere that colors this part of the region, and both have a lot to offer in terms of rental properties. Both towns are also close to Detroit Metropolitan Airport, making airline travel convenient.

Begin your apartment hunt here in the off-season so you’re not competing with the college students for a place to live. If you are a college student, make sure to start looking early so you can have your pick of places in the area. There are many different types of apartments here, which means it can actually be easy to find one if you time things out well. There are plenty of places to hang out in both of these towns, but if you crave the excitement that comes with big city nightlife Detroit is only a short trip from the area.

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