How can I find a safe neighborhood in the Olympia area?

April 25, 2012 | 0 Comments

If you’re looking for safe apartments for rent in South Sound, Olympia might be the perfect destination.

The city of Olympia is not known for having a “wrong side of the tracks. Often, a city’s downtown area can be troubled, but downtown Olympia is known as a very artistic community. Farther east, there’s a high student and military-family population.

But keep in mind that Olympia is still a heavily populated city. Before you make the move to any major city, you should take the time to explore potential new neighborhoods.

If you can, visit the local coffeeshop or supermarket and ask your potential neighbors what they think of their community.

People will usually tell you openly about the issues of the neighborhood because it makes good gossip. If people are mostly rude to you when you approach them, that’s a warning sign. Remember, friendly people = friendly communities.

Also, call the neighborhood’s local police station. They’re used to giving open and honest assessments to potential residents. The city of Olympia also offers a website with up-to-date police reports and a map with recent crime statistics. Before making the big move, take the time to visit the ‘news and notifications’ section

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