How diverse is Chicago?

If diversity is an important factor for you in choosing an apartment, Chicago will definitely be able to meet your needs. Chicago is well known for its diversity, a fact that is reflected in its many different neighborhoods. There are 26 ethnic groups in this city with a minimum of 25,000 people and at least 132 different languages are spoken in addition to English. One good example of this is the neighborhood of Pilsen. Home to a strong Mexican-American community, this area of the city is a great place to experience the Mexican culture. The National Museum of Mexican Art is located here, as well as a number of interesting murals.

Chinatown is another great example of the ethnic variety in Chicago. This area celebrates the Chinese culture with unique gift shops, restaurants and grocery stores. Located just south of the Loop, it is the fourth largest Chinatown in the United States. Little Italy is yet another ethnic neighborhood. Situated near the University of Illinois at Chicago campus (UIC), this section of the city has more than a few Italian eateries and stores. There are many other neighborhoods in Chicago that you can explore, and if you are looking for a rental in a diverse city, you can’t do much better than here.

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