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How does one get around using public transportation in and around Boston?

Any number of the a partments for rent in Boston will put you in the heart of a vibrant and exciting city, but getting around such a metropolitan area can sometimes be difficult. Millions of residents choose to use the Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority (MBTA) as their transportation mode of choice. With buses, commuter railways, trackless trolleys, ferries and subways, the MBTA (known as “the T”) moves over a million passengers every week, making it the fourth busiest subway system in the country. The system’s various routes cover a 3,244 square mile area of 175 cities and towns. From Amesbury to Worcester, from Canton to Rockland , and so many points in between, the cities around Boston–and extending far beyond–are well-served by the public transportation system. Ample parking is available at stations and stops so commuters can take a ride and still enjoy the convenience of owning a vehicle.

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