How many regions are there in Texas?

April 25, 2012 | 0 Comments

If you are looking through listings for Texas apartments, you’ll want to know some things about the regions in this large state so you have a feel for where you want to move. There are seven distinct areas of the state, each with their own appeal, and each with a slightly different feel to them. Here they are, along with a brief idea of what they are like so you can get an overall picture of the state:

  1. Hill Country. Here you’ll find rolling hills (hence the name) music and ranches. The City of Austin is located here.
  2. The Gulf Coast. This region is so named for its location; along the Gulf of Mexico. It has 624 miles of coastline.
  3. Big Bend Country. Characterized by desert landscape, this area of Texas has over 1,170,000 acres of wilderness.
  4. Panhandle Plains. Here you’ll find a big sky, open spaces and rolling plains.
  5. Piney Woods. Atypical Texas. Here you’ll see pine trees galore and more.
  6. Prairies and Lakes. An area with some of the big cities, including Fort Worth and Dallas.
  7. South Texas Plains. The southeast corner of the Rio Grande Valley. This area includes San Antonio.

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