How well-connected is L.A. in terms of air travel?

April 25, 2012 | 0 Comments

If you are a business person searching for an apartment for rent, Los Angeles may well be one of the most connected cities in the nation. Those who travel a good deal for work will be pleased to know that L.A. has many options for flying in and out of the city. Here is a breakdown on some of the best spots for airline travel in the region:

  • LAX (Los Angeles International Airport). The main airport in the region, LAX has 55 million people pass through it every year, and it is the fifth busiest passenger airport in the world.
  • L.A./Ontario International. This airport is located about 35 minutes to the east of downtown L.A., and it is a medium hub, full-service airport that has commercial service.
  • Bob Hope – Burbank. Located in Burbank, this commercial airport is the closest to Hollywood, downtown L.A. and the San Fernando Valley.
  • Long Beach Airport. Located 25 miles from downtown L.A., this airport serves about 3 million commercial airline passengers each year.
  • Van Nuys. This busy airport serves non-commercial interests.

Those who fly frequently for business purposes may want to base their flight schedule on what commercial airport is the closest to where they live–or choose a rental that is located near one of the major airports. This can help cut down on transportation costs over time, as the commute will be shorter.

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