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Is Baltimore a diverse city?

April 25, 2012 | 0 Comments

If you are moving to Baltimore it can be helpful to know that the city is a diverse place. Highlandtown, Little Italy and Greektown are all perfect examples of the ethnic variety that the area has to offer. You can find Latino/Hispanic communities in the southeast area and an African-American neighborhood in Upton. Korean and Chinese communities are located in the Station North and Lower Charles Village sections. Each of these groups brings diversity to the Baltimore region and enriches the tapestry of the city’s culture.

Each year the city celebrates those cultures that make up different communities in the area by holding the Showcase of Nations Ethnic Festival. Crafts, food, dancing, live entertainment and more all take place during this event which has a number of locations in various areas throughout the city. This celebration gives Baltimore residents a chance to experience the wide range of different cultures that exist all around them. If you are searching for a place that welcomes and embraces its diversity, Baltimore is definitely a good pick.

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