Is it possible to find apartments that are relatively cheap in Boston?

A highly-populated city with lots going on, Boston is an exciting place to live, but it’s not cheap. The median price of the rental apartments Boston has to offer is somewhere in the $1,000 range. Finding cheap apartments in Boston is possible, though, and here are some ideas to make it work:

  • The more desirable, eclectic or trendy neighborhoods, for example, may be too costly. What to do? Get a roommate…or two.
  • Seek out a neighborhood that caters to students. Rentals in such areas may have fewer fancy amenities, but they are probably a lot more affordable. Good choices are Allston, Brighton, Jamaica Plain, Mission Hill, parts of Roxbury, Dorchester, Somerville and areas of Cambridge.
  • Save money that can be put toward rent by walking to work or school — Boston is the perfect town for it. And by using the outstanding public transportation system, you can save some cash as well.

Check one of the many useful resources available offering information to help you rent apartments Boston has to offer that are in your price range.

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