Is living in the suburbs a good option in the Portland area?

If you’re interested in Portland apartments, you aren’t limited to those that are in the city itself. One of the advantages to living in an area like Portland is that the smaller suburbs are conveniently located and are great places to live. Because traffic and congestion in Portland are not as bad as they are in cities such as New York and Chicago, treks in and out of the city aren’t extremely time-consuming. One suburban option is Gladstone, which is located just south of Portland. West Linn is another area to consider and is in the same area as Gladstone. With a population of 24,000 people, there is plenty, but not too much, going on in town. About 21% of the housing is renter-occupied, so it’s a great place to find temporary housing. Wilsonville is another town in the area that’s worth taking a look at.

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