Is Minnetonka a good place to live?

Minnetonka is located in Hennepin County, just eight miles west of the Twin Cities. It would also only be a half hour drive if you were looking for apartments in northeast Twin Cities. This proximity makes living here an attractive alternative to apartments in Minneapolis. With a population of 50,000 people and plenty of amenities, this suburb can stand on its own. Rental properties make up about a quarter of the households that are located in town. With an arts center, beaches and a marina, this town offers the perfect combination of nature and culture. Minnetonka has five community parks and 44 neighborhood parks, and careful planning has kept city’s natural appeal a priority. Additionally, two libraries, three public school districts and a variety of churches help ensure that the quality of life here is high. Minnetonka’s location and transportation options also make getting around an easy task.

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