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Is Portland easy to navigate on foot?

Getting around in the downtown Portland area is easy; in fact, Walking Magazine actually named the city one of "America’s Best Walking Towns." Living in an urban area isn’t always practical for those who are on foot, but this city is a different story. For those considering apartments downtown, Portland is easy to navigate. The city blocks are not long and there is plenty of waterfront scenery to help pass the time while walking from one place to another. In town, there is a 1.5-mile pedestrian trail that has 1,200 feet of floating walkway and is also bicycle-friendly. Those who are looking to work and live in the city may well find that a car is an unnecessary luxury. If you’re thinking of renting in this area, consider mapping out the things you need and see if everything you need is within walking distance. If not, you can always consider public transportation as another option, as Portland has a good network of trains and busses.

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