Is Raleigh a good place to live for a single parent?

April 25, 2012 | 0 Comments

Being a single parent is quite possibly the most difficult and demanding job there is, and single parents on the move in search of a better place to work and raise their children have it even tougher. If life’s thrown you a few curveballs, take heart in the knowing that Raleigh, North Carolina has been identified as having one of the ten best public education systems in the country for cities with more than 300,000 residents.

Not everyone is comfortable living in such a big city, so if you want to move into one of the outer suburbs of Raleigh, take a look at apartments in Clayton/Garner. With an estimated population of 13,000 in Clayton and 27,000 in Garner, you’ll find all security of suburban life. The public schools in Clayton and Garner are both services by the Wake County School District (with certain exceptions in Clayton that reside within Johnston County), so you can be assured your child will be able to take part in Wake County’s exceptional educational system.

Living within close proximity to Raleigh will also allow you the opportunity to find gainful employment within the city’s vibrant economy, and at the cost of a minimal commute.

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