Is the commute into Minneapolis an easy one for those living in the surrounding area?

18.3 million people visit the Minneapolis metro region each year, and many of these visitors come from the immediate area. People living in outlying areas such as Fridley, Savage or Mound are likely to head to the city for shopping, dining or other forms of entertainment. In terms of rentals, Minneapolis may have more units to offer, but there are plenty of choices outside of the city that still allow for easy access to Minneapolis’ amenities. Many large cities in the United States are overcrowded and difficult to navigate. This is not the case with Minneapolis. Even though it is very cosmopolitan, the city is very user-friendly. While vibrant, it still manages to be charming, and the world-class venues that line the streets offer as much as any large city in the nation. Choices abound, whether it is for dining or taking in a show. Living in a neighboring suburb is an excellent choice for many people, as downtown Minneapolis is still right at your fingertips.

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