Is the cost of living in Spokane high?

April 25, 2012 | 0 Comments

Residents of Washington rent apartments in Spokane after examining the cost of living, which is one of the most reasonable of the larger cities in the west. Some of the major cities that ranked as more expensive than Spokane include Portland, Oregon; Salt Lake City, Utah; and Seattle, Washington. If you are looking for an affordable rental, this makes Spokane an attractive place to call home.

The cost of utilities in this region is 17% below the national average, and grocery items are 8.5% lower. Although healthcare and transportation costs are a bit higher than average, the overall cost-of-living index is quite good for a metropolitan area in the West. This is especially true when everything is looked at as a package.

In terms of Washington rent, apartments in Spokane are affordable. The lower cost of utilities means that living in a rental unit will be less expensive than in many other places in this part of the country. Overall housing costs are 15% below the national average, so buying a home or condominium is a cost-effective option as well.

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