Is the University District a good place to settle if you’re looking for a sedate, neighborhood atmosphere?

April 25, 2012 | 0 Comments

The University District, part of downtown Seattle, is the location for the campus of the University of Washington. Commonly referred to as the U District, this part of the city is home to all the University’s fraternity and sorority houses, which means lots of parties and partiers in bars, cafes, and local streets. In addition to the college revelry, the U District is also home to the annual May U District Street Fair, the University District Farmers Market, the weekly ArtWalk, Up In Art Project, and many other unique commercial districts.

On the outskirts of the U District are the neighborhoods of Ravenna, Wedgewood and Laurelhurst. While findings apartments in University District may be easy, since it caters to students, residents desiring a more sedate atmosphere should probably look for housing in one of these surrounding residential neighborhoods, further from the college campus and student housing.

One caution: the U District isn’t the best place to wander at night. Seattle and the University campus are considered pretty tame, and while the homeless teen population (“Ave Rats”) and panhandlers are basically harmless, it’s best to stay in groups and well lit areas.

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