Is there a chance to explore nature around Spokane?

April 25, 2012 | 0 Comments

Spokane has a mantra: “near nature, near perfect.” When you see how close the city is to nature, you’ll see that it’s not far from the truth. Here are just a few examples of the natural world that can be found less than a few minutes away from Spokane Washington apartments:

Mount Spokane Park
The largest of Washington’s state parks surrounds one of the highest peaks in the Inland Northwest, Mount Spokane. A non-profit organization operates the Mount Spokane Ski and Snowboard Park, where Spokane residents can experience powdery white snow and the forests of a great mountain. The mountain is only twenty-four miles from the heart of downtown Spokane.

Riverside State Park
The second-largest state park is only six miles away from Spokane. In less time than it takes for a Los Angelino to cross town, a Spokanian can enjoy over 10,000 acres of beautiful nature.

Riverfront Park
Mount Spokane and Riverside State Park are just two of the many natural preserves that surround Spokane. But Spokane River cuts right through the city, creating the gorgeous Spokane Falls in front of the city’s very own Riverfront Park.

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