Places for young people to live in Omaha?

April 25, 2012 | 0 Comments

Bellevue, Nebraska is in the midst of an expansion boom and has seen its population grow by nearly fifty percent since the 1990s. Omaha is located just north of this city and Offutt Air Force Base lies to the south. Offutt Air Force Base is home to the Fightin’ Fifty-Fifth and is represented by all branches of the military as well as federal civilians. The city overlooks the Missouri River to the east, and began as a fur post that was rooted by the Missouri Fur Company in the 1820s. The name Bellevue means “beautiful view,” which is an apt description for a place that offers 17 miles of hiking trails in the Fontenelle Forest and gorgeous views of the Missouri River.

Apartments in Bellevue are affordable and monthly rents range from the 400s to the low 800s, depending on size and location. With Bellevue’s growing economy and the opening of the Kennedy Freeway, a limited access highway that is linked to the interstate system, the Metro Area Transit (or MAT) makes the commute to downtown Omaha easy. With the continued expansion of both commercial and residential construction in the "beautiful view" area of Greater Omaha, housing options and amenities are plentiful.

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