Ways Portland is Going Green

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Ways Portland is Going Green - ForRent.com & Homes.comIn addition to our Three Cities that Are Going Green post, we’re giving you the Portland information on its own. Enjoy!


Portland, Oregon

  • Portland has consistently been ranked as one of the greenest cities in the United States, most recently by Corporate Knights Magazine of Canada in June, 2012. [1]


Waste: [2]

  • The Bureau of Planning and Sustainability (BPS) plans to reduce waste and raise the recycling rate 75% by 2015.
  • Portland offers services to the numerous festivals, street fairs, and community events to aid in responsible waste removal.


City Initiatives: [2]

  • The BPS works with other city bureaus and governments to ensure that city watershed and other environmental goals are met.
  • Portland’s Green Building and Development Program has been working for over a decade to advance healthy building practices.
  • The city held its twelfth annual Build it Green! Home Tour and Information Fair in 2012, which allows visitors to tour green remodels and environmentally conscious new homes around the Portland metropolitan area.
  • The tour exposes visitors to accessory dwelling units, solar panels, ecoroofs, rainwater harvesting, natural landscaping, and much more.


Energy: [2]

  • All city-owned diesel vehicles have been powered by a 20% biodiesel fuel blend since 2004.
  • In 2007, all city-owned diesel-powered equipment began running on 50% or 20% blends of biodiesel during the winter months.
  • Portland was the first city in America to adopt a local renewable fuel standard (RFS), which mandates all diesel fuel in Portland must be sold with a blend of at least 5% biodiesel and all gasoline must be sold with a blend of at least 10% ethanol.
  • All residential garbage and recycling haulers in Portland must use biodiesel fuel for operation as of 2007.
  • The city of Portland has offered two separate grant programs to stimulate biofuel availability.
  • The city has implemented Solarize Portland, a solar panel volume-purchasing program, as well as community solar plans which allow buildings or entire neighborhoods to share each others’ solar energy.



  • New Seasons Market delivers fresh, organic food all over the Portland area with an eye toward environmental responsibility. [3]
  • Bonneville Environmental Foundation (BEF) is a nonprofit center located in Portland that offers market-based solutions to help their fellow businesses go green. BEF invests their net profits directly into initiatives aimed at expanding the sustainability industry. [4]
  • Neil Kelly Company offers general residential remodeling and new construction consulting in Portland. They focus on sustainable green energy in all of their remodeling practices. [5]


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