Ways Seattle is Going Green

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Ways Seattle is Going Green - ForRent.com & Homes.comIn addition to our Three Cities that Are Going Green post, we’re giving you the Seattle information on its own. Enjoy!


Seattle, Washington

  • Environmental consciousness through recycling isn’t just encouraged in Seattle—it’s the law. [1]


Residents: [2]

  • 45.7% of Seattle residents are Eco-conscious and 66.9% are recycling-conscious.



  • Seattle will soon house The Bullitt Center, an office building which is projected to have a life of 250 years and produce as much water and electricity as it consumes. [3]
  • Apartments For Rent Magazine® distributed in Seattle are printed on recycled paper and use insert cards printed on a UV press that uses non-hazardous inks and doesn’t emit any volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the atmosphere.
  • ForRent’s Online Graphic order-tracking system has saved over 900 reams of paper and 56 trees since its implementation in 2010. [4]


City Initiatives: [5]

  • In 2012, Seattle designed a new climate action plan in an effort to steer the city closer to its ultimate goal of carbon neutrality.
  • In anticipation of the environmental effects of climate change, Seattle’s city government is modifying roads, buildings, drainage systems, water systems, and improving general ecosystem health.


Transportation: [5]

  • In 2007, Seattle implemented its Bicycle Master Plan (BMP), which aims to triple the amount of bicycling between 2007 and 2017 as well as reduce the rate of bicycle collisions by one third.
  • Since 2007 the Seattle Department of Transportation (SDOT) has installed 129 miles of on-street bicycle facilities, 98 miles of bicycle wayfinding signs, and 2,230 bicycle parking spaces.
  • The BMP was changed in 2012 to include updating the city’s bicycle network map to include areas it hadn’t previously, develop a more intricate and efficient system to determine which areas are in the greatest need of bicycling facilities, and update bicycle manufacturing standards.
  • Seattle has also developed and implemented the Pedestrian Master Plan, which aims to increase the overall walkability, livability, and health of the city.


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