What are apartments like in Illinois?

Illinois apartments come in many different shapes and sizes. Along Lake Michigan you will find some of the most expensive rentals in the state—along with a view to justify the price tag. As you get away from the downtown area, apartments tend to be less costly, although that isn’t always the case. In many suburban areas you can find entire homes for rent, and some even come with a garage and yard. Brick bungalows and Victorian style houses also can have rooms for rent, or have a converted basement or attic that now serves as an apartment.

In many of the smaller towns, studio and one bedroom apartments can be found above storefronts in the downtown areas. Some of the buildings can be newer, but more often you will find the rentals in the suburban area of Chicago to be in older structures that have quite a bit of character. Crown molding, built-in fireplaces and other details can make these rentals quite appealing, despite their age. Suburbs a bit further out are still growing, and because of that you can sometimes have better luck in these areas if you are searching for a rental that is more modern.

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