What are loft apartments and where are they found?

Renters that have “been there, done that” and lived in just about every conceivable construct known to man might find interest in taking up residence in any number of loft-style apartments available throughout greater downtown Cincinnati.

Historically, loft apartments have been associated with arty types. Their continued popularity among the less orthodox among us has transformed what was once just an ingenious urban renewal solution of converting old warehouses into livable establishments into a niche construction industry.

These days, real estate developers are building pre-fab loft apartments and placing them into newer downtown areas, giving renters the feel of traditional lofts but situating them outside of former industrial areas for greater appeal. These are called “soft lofts,” and are slightly more upscale and costly than lofts built within actual former warehouse districts. But if you’re looking for cost-effectiveness and authenticity, you can find any number of “hard loft” apartments for rent in Cincinnati that are located in the downtown area and can provide easy access to all the amenities that newer developments offer. You can also find loft apartments located directly over street-level businesses for even more convenient city access.

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