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What are rents in Chicago?

If you are looking for apartments in Chicago, you probably would like to have some idea of how much they cost. The average low price of a rental is $804 and the average high is $1,455. Although much of this depends on things such as location and size, you would be safe making general estimates for average rental costs depending on the type of apartment you are looking at. For example, studios and one bedroom apartments cost approximately $800. Sometimes you can find a place for less, but that is a good benchmark to have in mind.

Naturally, larger apartments cost more. A two or three bedroom apartment in the city will run you between $1,120 and $1,500. Add security deposits and moving costs and it can be on the expensive side to live in the city. If you spend a bit of time looking around in the suburbs you can often find something for less, although some of the more upscale communities may have rents that are even higher than Chicago. While it isn’t cheap to live downtown, keep in mind that all the amenities the city has to offer can help make the cost worthwhile.

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