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What are some interesting facts about Spokane?

April 25, 2012 | 0 Comments

Those who are looking for great Washington apartments rent Spokane. People say it is on the "sunny side" of the state, a nickname that seems to hold true; it has over 170 sunny days per year, and the average high temperature in July is 82.8 degrees. Did you know that the city’s name literally means "children of the sun"? It is also the city that started the tradition of Father’s Day. There is a lot to know about Spokane, and much of it will interest residents and tourists alike.

The biggest city between Minneapolis and Seattle, Spokane is where Bing Crosby lived as a child, and it was also host to the 1974 World’s Fair. Those who are less interested in history and more into technology will appreciate the fact that the city has what has been dubbed a "hot zone" downtown. This 100-block area features free wireless Internet, providing Web access to a large portion of town. There are also four universities located in Spokane, making it a wonderful pick for those who are looking to further their education. These are just a handful of facts about the city; as you look around, there is much more to see.

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