What are some northern Mississippi towns that are close to Memphis?

April 25, 2012 | 0 Comments

If you are looking to live near Memphis, you may want to consider apartments in north Mississippi. The border towns and cities that are close to Tennessee offer proximity without the hassle of downtown living. Many of them are near I-55, which gives residents direct access to downtown Memphis. That means you will have all the advantages of living in the city without the drawbacks, such as crowds and noise. The smaller towns offer a sense of community, and a more suburban or rural atmosphere.

Towns such as Southaven, Horn Lake and Hernando can make nice places to live in the north Mississippi area. Southaven is right along the border of Tennessee and next to I-55, so it offers a great location. Horn Lake is not quite as close, but it is also home to the 40,704 acre Arkabutla Lake, a water-lover’s paradise. With eight boat ramps, 333 campsites and 35,600 acres of land surrounding it, this spot is a recreational treasure. Hernando is located south of both these cities, but is still only 12 miles from Memphis. Any one of these towns can be a good spot to search for rentals in north Mississippi.

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