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What are some of the attractions in Cincinnati?

April 25, 2012 | 0 Comments

Cincinnati is a city steeped in history, and if you’re considering renting in Cincinnati for any period of time, you should take the opportunity to become well versed on what’s been called “the first uniquely American city” in the nation’s history.

Located just north of the Ohio River on the border of Ohio and Kentucky, the city’s culture is heavily influenced by the large population of Germans that emigrated here and left their enduring mark. As a result, the city’s yearly Oktoberfest, which started in 1976 as nothing more than a large block party, is the largest stateside German heritage celebration. Today, the annual celebration attracts half a million people from every corner of the nation.

If you’re a lover of architecture and are fascinated by historic districts, it’s strongly suggested that you pay a visit to a downtown neighborhood named Over-the-Rhine that boasts the largest display of Italianate architecture in America. There are over 900 buildings, all intact and still in use, that reflect this very distinct 18th century architectural influence.

Whether you’re visiting Cincinnati for an extended stay or taking up full-time residence, you’re likely to find it a fascinating place.

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