What are some of the cities in St. Joseph county to consider for apartments?

Settling in the northern west portion of Indiana will put you squarely in the county of Saint Joseph, named for the St. Joseph River which flows through it on the way to Lake Michigan. South Bend is the major hub of this county, which covers around 460-square miles. Numerous cities, towns and townships lie within the county, with rentals to suit anyone’s needs.

Granger, a suburb of South Bend, is one choice for rentals in this county and in the pool of Indiana apartments. Other choices to consider, each ranging in size but maintaining close proximity to the main city’s action, include Lakeville, Mishawaka, North Liberty and Osceola. Smaller settlements or townships within the St. Joseph district include Clay, Harris, Lincoln, Madison and Union, Indiana.

St. Joseph County has grown steadily over the years, slowing in growth from the 1960s through the 1990s, then picking up at the start of the millennium. 2000 census statistics put St. Joseph’s population at around 266,000, and the median age of residents there at 34 years.

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