What are some of the cities to the north of Memphis?

April 25, 2012 | 0 Comments

If you are thinking about living in the Memphis area, you may be interested in learning about some cities outside of downtown. Apartments in north Memphis cities such as Bartlett and Millington can make nice alternatives if you prefer to be out of the city center. Millington has a population of approximately 10,433 people, making it a terrific choice if you like smaller towns. It is still considered part of the Memphis Metro area, but it feels much more suburban. Still, access to Memphis is quick and easy from here if you get the urge to go for a day of shopping or an evening out.

Bartlett is a community of about 49,712 people, and it is very close to downtown Memphis. Since the city is near both I-40 and I-240, it is easy to get into the city center, or to the airport if you happen to be going out of town. Bartlett has a historic district, a recreation and fitness center, a performing arts and conference center and many other amenities. It is a lovely area with a great location. Either one of these two towns can make a great place to live if you are searching for a rental property north of downtown Memphis.

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