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What are some of the housing options in the Minneapolis area?

If you’re considering a move to Minneapolis, it pays to think about the type of housing you need. Will you be renting or buying? Those looking to buy a house might want to begin looking in the suburban areas, especially if they have families. Many communities in the Minneapolis area have a reaonsable cost of living and a good community feel. Saint Anthony is one example of this type of city, and there are plenty more in the region. Those looking to live downtown might want to investigate Minneapolis condos or apartments instead of buying a house in town. Condos are practical for those who don’t have large families or who live alone. There are many different types of housing in the city center, so the phrase "something for everyone" truly applies. Taking a quick tour of the city can help get you acquainted with the different neighborhoods before you begin your search in earnest and is a good way to begin narrowing down the field.

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