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What are some of the larger cities in Broward County?

April 25, 2012 | 0 Comments

Broward apartments aren’t hard to come by since there are several large cities located in this part of south Florida. This county is a great place to call home, as opportunities for recreation are all around you. Pack a bag and head over to the beach for the afternoon, or take the car and drive down to Everglades National Park to experience nature in all its splendor. Outdoor activities are popular in this area, but there is also plenty to do for those who prefer an afternoon at the shopping center or like to take in a play on the weekend.

Hollywood is one of the bigger towns in Broward County with around 140,000 people. With a historic downtown area and a beautiful beach boardwalk, those looking to rent something in south Florida would do well to take a look here for an apartment. Pembroke Pines is another town in Broward County, and it too makes a great home base. This city is about the same size as Hollywood, and it has a nice, hometown atmosphere with all the amenities of big city life. Since these two cities are close together, it may be a good idea to visit rental properties in both to get a feel for what each town is like in person.

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