What are some of the towns located in Carroll County?

April 25, 2012 | 0 Comments

Carroll County is only 45 minutes north of Baltimore. Here you will find some lovely towns, such as Hampstead, Sykesville and Westminster. Any of these towns can make a great place to search for apartments in Carroll County. Hampstead is your typical small town, with a "Main Street," good schools and a community feel. The annual holiday lighting ceremony is a perfect example of the type of community atmosphere you can expect.

Sykesville has a similar brand of charm, complete with a farmers market and quaint downtown area. Several small parks are spread throughout the city and when events take place in town, just about everyone turns out to enjoy them. Westminster is located in the center of Carroll County and it serves as the County Seat. There are about 7,000 households here, so the town is on the smaller side. Even so, the unique stores and intimate atmosphere are seen as a benefit by many who live there. The town is also home to McDaniel College, a private college. These three towns would all be good places to start your apartment search in Carroll County.

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