What are some places to look for rental apartments in central New Jersey?

If you want to live in New Jersey, you may want to consider looking for apartments in the Middlesex/Somerset/Hunterdon area. Middlesex County is in eastern New Jersey and the median rent for apartments in this region is about $845. Situated in the middle of the state, it holds about 25 cities, including New Brunswick, which is the County Seat. With a population of approximately 796,000 residents, this area can make a good spot to look for rentals in the state.

Somerset County has 21 cities, and a population of over 323,000 residents. This area is another good place to look, and it has a nice mixture of rural, suburban and urban neighborhoods. Some of the towns to consider here include Basking Ridge and Somerville. Hunterdon County has a number of lovely cities as well, including Frenchtown, Lebanon and Milford. The population in this region is close to 130,000 people. These three New Jersey counties make a great place to look for rentals in central New Jersey.

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