What are some places to look for rentals along the New Jersey Coast?

Located along the coast, the counties of Monmouth and Ocean are good places to search if you are looking for rentals in the state of New Jersey. Both of these areas offer good access to the water, and they have a variety of neighborhoods to choose from. Apartments in Monmouth/Ocean are usually quite easy to find, as these areas have a large population and plenty of rental properties. Monmouth County offers 27 miles of beaches along the coast, as well as all the recreation that comes with life near the ocean. Deep sea fishing, boating and other water-related activities are popular here.

Ocean county also provides good access to the water, and provides similar opportunities for enjoying the outdoors. Towns like Point Pleasant Beach can be a great place to begin searching for rental property in the area. The city has a resort community feel and plenty to do. Barnegat Light is another interesting spot in the county to check out in terms of rentals. If you want to be located near the coast in New Jersey, either one of these two counties would be the perfect place to look for an apartment.

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