What are some rental areas to look at that are northeast of Houston?

April 25, 2012 | 0 Comments

If you are looking for apartments in the Northeast Houston area, take a look at the Dayton area. The neighboring town of Liberty is another spot you may want to consider. Champion Lake is located nearby in the Trinity River Wildlife Refuge, which is over 23,000 acres in size. There are also several small parks in the area as well as a golf course. Even with a more remote location, these two towns are within a short drive of the Houston city center.

This is also true for Highlands, a small community that is located a bit closer to downtown Houston. If these cities aren’t quite far enough, check out Saratoga, which is northeast of them all. The nice part about living in this area of Texas is that you are close to many different recreational opportunities. If you enjoy the outdoors there is plenty to do, but if you are feeling like a night on the town in a big city, that is within easy reach as well.

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