What are some tips for someone with bad credit finding a rental in Salt Lake City?

April 25, 2012 | 2 Comments

If there’s anything to be said about living in America, it’s that everyone can always get a second chance. If you’re someone who’s made regrettable financial mistakes in the past but is looking to forge ahead and create a new beginning for yourself, your credit record doesn’t necessarily have to be the great obstacle you think it might be.

A majority of apartment complexes run credit background checks on their applicants for the purposes of weeding out certain types deemed undesirable, or at risk for non payment. You can’t blame them—renting property is, after all, a business venture and the failure to take certain precautions could spell financial ruin… or at very least leave apartment owners more vulnerable to that eventuality. However, you do have options that exist outside of renting from large apartment complexes.

Find a reliable online rental property search engine and focus on finding privately owned Salt Lake City apartments or condos. While it’s possible that you may be asked to provide information about your financial background that could be viewed in a negative light, the odds of your being given a chance by an individual who is sympathetic to your situation is substantially higher than what you might encounter when dealing with a corporate-owned rental property. An additional upside of this is that by looking outside the influence of large apartment complexes, you could stumble upon a true jewel—many old Victorian homes in Salt Lake City are privately owned and have been converted to apartments, offering a beauty you’d rarely find in corporate-built apartment buildings.

In the long run, honesty and openness about poor judgments you’ve made in the past is the best policy. By getting your foot in the door at a privately owned rental, you can work towards successfully rebuilding your credit.

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