What are some tips to finding a reliable landlord?

One of the great benefits of apartment living is the lack of responsibility—not when it comes to paying your rent or behaving like a conscientious neighbor, but when it comes to issues such as performing general maintenance and fixing broken appliances. But if you’ve ever lived in an apartment before, or if you’ve ever known anyone who has, you’ve probably heard a fair share of horror stories or even experienced some of your own. There are no guarantees when you sign an apartment lease, but there are certain steps you can take before signing your name to the dotted line that can reduce your chances of being stuck with a broken sink and a landlord unwilling to do the right thing.

There are online apartment search engines that will not only provide details about rent and amenities, but will also give you the opportunity to vet out the integrity of the apartment complex and its owners by linking out to the association’s official website. Once there, look for testimonials from other tenants. It’s actually not that rare to find both negative and positive reviews right on the property management’s website, but in the event you can’t find this, check out apartmentratings.com to narrow your search of the best rated Cincinnati apartments for rent.

If you’re overly concerned this issue, consider taking residence in more upscale areas of Cincinnati like Hyde Park, Mount Adams, or Mount Lookout.

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