What are some towns located to the west of Indianapolis?

If you want to live near the city but not inside its borders, apartments in west Indianapolis areas such as Speedway, Brownsburg and Plainfield may offer a nice alternative. Aptly named, the town of Speedway is the location of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, and more than a million people come through this city each year to attend races at the track. Speedway is conveniently located next to the downtown Indianapolis area, making it ideal for commuters who are also racing fans. The town itself has a vibrant atmosphere, but there is also plenty to do right next door.

Brownsburg is located just ten miles northwest of the downtown area and it is close to I-74. There is always something going on in this city as it is host to a very large craft show each year as well as over 100 events that take place at O’Reilly Raceway Park (ORP). The town of Plainfield has about 28,000 residents, making it a decent-sized town with plenty of rental opportunities. Here you will find duplexes, apartment complexes and single family units for rent. Other cities in this area where you can look for housing include Clermont, Danville and Avon.

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