What are some towns to the southeast of the Twin Cities?

Apartments in Southeast Twin Cities sections of the region are plentiful, and this area of the state is interesting because of its wide range of towns. One example is Hastings, which has a variety of historic buildings, hiking and biking trails and the scenery that comes with three different rivers. A mere 20 minutes from the Twin Cities, this town churns out the small town charm in a big way. Another city in the southwest section of the region is Woodbury. A range of housing options are available here and it is a very attractive place to live, due partly to the fact that it’s located close to the St. Croix River Valley. Special care has also been taken with the city. A 100-mile network of multi-use trails helps to keep the residential areas connected and there are myriad recreational opportunities for residents and visitors. There are also 3,000 acres of park land, eight lakes, a swimming beach and a golf course, and with Saint Paul and Minneapolis nearby, all of the big city perks are available to those living here.

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