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What are the best school districts in Spokane?

April 25, 2012 | 0 Comments

The Spokane area is divided among several school districts. But if you are a family looking at apartments for rent in Spokane, try to find a home in either the Spokane School District or Mead School District. These two are the best districts in the city, and they each offer great high schools.

Spokane School District (SSD) – The largest of Spokane’s school districts. SSD usually tests above the state average in all subjects except for reading and writing, which are 4% under the state average. Don’t let that under-average score fool you however; the schools in South Hill (within the SSD) are regarded as the best public schools in Spokane, especially Libby Center, which serves grades 3-12. Libby Center’s high-school classes test an impressive 89 to 100% in every subject.

Mead School District (MSD) – This district tests the best out of all the districts in Spokane. Smaller than SSD, the fifteen schools of Mead test well over the state average in all subjects.

Mead Senior High School tests better than most high schools in the city (except Libby Center, with which it is about even).

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