What are the less expensive suburbs surrounding Raleigh?

April 25, 2012 | 0 Comments

The cost of living in downtown Raleigh can be high, especially when compared to what you’ll pay by getting an apartment in surrounding communities like Apex, Cary and Morrisville. If you are planning to work in downtown Raleigh and consider additional commute time an acceptable exchange for lower monthly rent, look for apartments in Apex/Cary/Morrisville.

You won’t exactly be living in the sticks. All three towns are within acceptable driving distance: Apex is 14.8 miles from downtown, Cary is 11.5, and Morrisville is 15.3. Not exactly enough of a distance to cause you financial ruin, even if you own a gas guzzler. And you may find the atmosphere of these smaller suburbs more pleasant.

The largest of the three, Morrisville, has a population verging on just 14,000 and is adjacent to North Carolina’s Research Triangle Park, placing you nearer to employers like Cisco Systems, Lenovo, IBM, Tekelec and JDS Uniphase.

Considering that you could be saving additional money by living outside Raleigh city limits, you could be positioning yourself for an even greater financial windfall by settling closer to these employers.

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