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What are the popular outdoor recreation destinations in and around Seattle?

April 25, 2012 | 0 Comments

A big draw to the Pacific Northwest, besides eclectic culture and Starbucks, is an abundance of recreational activities that can be enjoyed year-round. Within a day’s drive, you can hike up mountains, boat on waterways, lounge on beaches, and do everything in between. In colder months, nearby mountains afford ample snow for skiing, snowboarding and the like.

Green Lake Park, in the Southwestern Seattle, and the waterways along the Cascade and Olympic mountains, offer activities like rowing, canoeing, kayaking and sailing. Mount Ranier, located within 200 miles of Seattle in west-central Washington, is a popular hiking, climbing and winter sports destination. Elliott Bay, the body of water on which Seattle is located, is a busy port, viewpoint for Mount Ranier, and an exciting water recreation area. And as if that weren’t enough, fishing, horseback riding, camping and skin diving can be found in the Seattle area, too.

Amazing landscapes, breathtaking mountain vistas, vibrant colors, and endless fun—all within reach for those living in apartments in West and South Seattle , adjacent to Puget Sound, and anywhere close to downtown. When it comes down to it, fun is within driving distance, no matter where in the state you live.

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