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What are the Pullman elementary schools like?

April 25, 2012 | 0 Comments

Pullman only has one public-school district and three elementary schools. Here is a brief rundown of each elementary school for families looking for apartments in Pullman-WA area:

Franklin Elementary School:
Despite being a public school, Franklin Elementary tries to focus and build off of student’s individual accomplishments. On the 2009 WASL (Washington’s state-wide test) Franklin scored 7 to 20% over the state average on all subjects.

Jefferson Elementary School:
Home to the school district’s Montessori program. Jefferson also provides ample support for learning-disabled students through a dedicated reading instruction program, two special-education classrooms, and a learning counselor. On the 2009 WASL Jefferson scored 6 to 18% over the state average on all subjects.

Sunnyside Elementary School:
A good school that emphasizes participation of parents in the student’s learning process. On the 2009 WASL Jefferson scored 1 to 16% over the state average, except for grade 5 reading and science, which scored 2 and 6% below state average.

There are also two respectable private schools in Pullman. They are The Royal Garrison School and The Pullman Christian School.

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