What are utility costs like in Omaha, Nebraska?

April 25, 2012 | 0 Comments

Nebraska is the only public power state in the U.S. and ranks in the top five for lowest electric utilities. The national average kilowatt-hour, or kWh, is 9.4 cents compared to Nebraska’s 7.3 cents. Not only does Nebraska have these impressive bragging rights, it is also among our nation’s leaders in alternative renewable energy.

Nebraska ranks sixth in the country in wind energy opportunity. Nebraska currently has 73 operational wind turbines with a total capacity of about 153 megawatts. The average annual production could power roughly 47,000 homes. According to the 2007 United States census, that is close to 17% of Nebraska’s total housing units.

Although Nebraska is known for its agriculture and livestock farming, this state is now making a name for itself in Wind Farming. Low utility costs in Nebraska rentals do not seem on the rise anytime soon with this forward-thinking Great Plains state.

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